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This section includes information on enrolment, attendance, school data, uniform and school routines.


The first step to enrolling your son or daughter is to telephone the school administrator to make an appointment to come and have a look around. We want you to feel happy and secure in the knowledge that we will take the best care of your child and,that as a school, we will endeavour to make every effort to ensure that the children receive what is best for them.

Following your visit and our discussion, you will then be in a position to complete an admission form.

If you are not resident in our catchment area you will be required to seek permission from the Department of Education and Children for your son or daughter to attend the school. If this is the case they will give you the required form to complete.

If your child is to enter the Foundation Stage we will contact you and invite your son or daughter to spend some time with us in school. There will also be an opportunity for you to meet the class teacher and the Headteacher for a more practical discussion on getting your child ready for school.

If your child is transferring from another school, it is generally best that following a short visit he or she start as soon as it is practicable.


Section 29 of the Education Act 2001 states, “It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure their child attends school regularly and punctually. Failure to do so, could result in legal proceedings against you.” The attendance of children at school is compulsory from the term after a child’s 5th birthday. Failure to attend can lead to prosecution and a court appearance.We would be grateful if everyone would follow these parental obligations.


If your child is absent for any reason, please ring the school office giving a reason for the absence.Preferably, please telephone as soon as you know your child will not be attending school that day.It is also helpful if, on your child’s return to school, you send a note in to school to explain the absence.


Here you will find school data for academic year 2017/18



Daily Routine

9.10 am – The bell is rung and teachers collect the children from the playground

10.45 am – Mid morning break (15 minutes)

12 noon – Lunch break begins for children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

12.30 pm – Lunch break begins for children in Key Stage 2

1.15 pm – Afternoon session begins for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

1.30 pm – Afternoon session begins for Key Stage 2

2.30 pm – Afternoon break (15 minutes)

3.45 pm – Home time


It is extremely important that you keep the school informed of any changes in home or emergency contact numbers.Changes of address and other details should also be advised as soon as possible.


It is expected that all children wear the school uniform including shoes.

The school PE kit must be worn for PE.

Parents will be informed before admission of their children’s ‘House’ in order that you can purchase the correct T shirt.

Please notice that there are a number of optional items also available for you to purchase if you wish.

All items of school uniform are available from Promenade Shirts and Embroidery Ltd, Queen’s Promenade, in Douglas.

Please ensure every item is clearly and securely named.

Second hand uniform is displayed the last week of each term for you to purchase items. We welcome donations of uniform no longer required. Profits go to school funds.





Summer dress

Royal blue and white checked

Long trousers



Formal Shorts in the summer



Sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece with Andreas school logo

Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Polo shirts with or without the appropriate Andreas logo



Flat sensible shoes that fit and stay on. Please note, not trainers.




Grey or black

Socks or tights

White, grey, black

Light soled PE plimsoles



PE ‘T’ shirt with school logo in child’s school house colour

Each child to be informed of their house before admission.

Individual house colours

Individual House colours

PE shorts



Short socks for PE



School bag with school logo

Royal Blue

Royal Blue

OPTIONAL ITEMS (available from the school outfitters)

Track suit with school logo

Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Water proof school coat, reversible with fleece interior, with or without school logo

Royal Blue

Royal Blue

School legionnaires or baseball hat with school logo

Royal Blue

Royal Blue

School woollen hat with school logo

Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Choir polo shirts





In the event of heavy snow, or other extreme weather, it may be necessary to close the school. The policy covering such emergency closures of schools is reviewed each year by the Department of Education and Children. Currently, if the decision is made to close a school, parents will be informed, by way of an announcement on Manx Radio and other local radio stations and/or by telephone, of the necessity to collect children from school. Such a decision will not be made lightly, and will be made solely out of considerations relating to the safety of children and for no other reason.

At such times, we would be grateful if parents would listen to Manx Radio and not ring the school, so that telephone lines can be kept open to enable staff to ring out. An “urgent” message will also be posted on the schools website. A message with also be posted on our Twitter feed


Some of the children attending Andreas School travel to school using the bus service provided by Isle of Man Department of Infrastructure. Staff endeavour to ensure that children are ready to travel on the correct bus at the end of each day. However, the decision to have your child use the buses to travel to and from school is yours.Apart from the driver of the bus, there is no other member of staff on board and thus journeys are unsupervised. Children who travel by bus continue to be the responsibility of their parents and remain under their care until they arrive at school and are again your responsibility as soon as they leave school premises at the end of the day.


There is a School Nurse who comes to school periodically to work with the staff and children. However, her expertise is sought in many instances and she can offer advice, support and help, not only to the children and staff, but also to parents. She is happy to discuss matters of a confidential nature with parents at a mutually convenient time. She can be contacted through the School Office.


Please train your child to cross with Mikey our“Lollipop” person.

The Road Safety Team, from the Department of Infrastructure, visits the school frequently to work with the children and encourage general road safety.


Children in Year 6 are put through the rigours of the Cycling Proficiency Programme and, while we hope they all do pass the test, it is not necessarily the case. The first part of the assessment begins on day 1 of the course with a rigorous check of road worthiness of each bicycle. Practical and formal written assessments take place during the week and verbal and written feedback is given to all on the final day.

Please note that children should not be riding bikes to school until they have passed the Cycling Proficiency Course.


Parents are advised that if children bring valuable property to school, neither the Department of Education and Children nor the staff of the Department will be responsible for any loss or damage to such property.Mobile phones are NOT to be brought into school at any time.


The Headteacher is responsible for implementing child protection procedures. However, the protection and welfare of children should be of concern to us all and therefore, if a teacher or third party has any concern about a child, they have a duty of care to report their concerns, so that they can be investigated appropriately in accordance with the Child Protection Procedures adopted by the Department of Education and Children and therefore by the school. In certain circumstances it may be necessary to report a situation to the Department of Social Services.

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