Andreas School

The learning community that develops the thinking skills of all its members.


Andreas school is set in small rural village in the north of the Isle of Man. The school is at the heart of a happy, close community where families are supportive of each other and children are respected as the unique individuals they are. Children are nurtured within the school and the community which makes them feel safe and valued. Andreas has a growth mindset ethos which empowers children to become good learners and teaches them the importance of aiming high and enjoying their success. We are proud of the strong, positive relationships we build which enable us to cater for each child's individual needs as we guide them on their learning journey. A range of exciting experiences ensures that learning is a pleasure whilst the staff's knowledge of the children facilitates learning that is appropriately challenging, engaging and personalised. As a result Andreas children are:

Happy, enjoying life and having fun

Brave, able to take risks and not fear failure

Confident, able to learn from mistakes and face challenge

Curious, asking questions and learning through enquiry

Compassionate, empathic, kind and caring