Andreas School

The learning community that develops the thinking skills of all its members.


At Andreas we value

  • Caring - We consider other people's feelings and say kind things to other.
  • Optimism - We try new things, even when they are tricky.
  • Respect - We treat people and property with care.
  • Friendliness - We have good manners and smile at others!
  • Understanding - We listen to others and respect their point of view.

Latest activity

Small School's Cross Country Fun!
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Congratulations to all the athletes who competed in hot and windy conditions at the running event hosted by Foxdale School. A great team effort from the pupils at Andreas who came 2nd overall! Well done everyone - you were a credit to school. The boys team came first!

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Silverdale's Rainforest Wildlife Park Trip
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Silverdale Class visited the Wildlife Park this week as a follow up to their topic on Rainforests. They spotted lots of different animals and used a map with a key to help navigate around the park. Thank you to Liz Brunswick for leading a lesson on 'Rainforest People' for the children and for gettiā€¦

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Co-op Trip
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This week year 5 and 6 have visited the Co-op in Ramsey to share their learning about Fairtrade with others. They spoke to lots of shoppers and looked for Fairtrade products on the shelves. Many shoppers commented on how polite and knowledgable the children were. Well Done.

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