Andreas School

The learning community that develops the thinking skills of all its members.


At Andreas we value

  • Caring - We consider other people's feelings and say kind things to other.
  • Optimism - We try new things, even when they are tricky.
  • Respect - We treat people and property with care.
  • Friendliness - We have good manners and smile at others!
  • Understanding - We listen to others and respect their point of view.

Latest activity

Golden Award Winners
Published in the Blog

Some of our pupils achieved their Gold Award last week. This year's treat was a special delivery from the Gelatory! They enjoyed some delicious ice cream. Well done to all our golden winners. They are great examples of our core values - CARING, OPTIMISTIC, RESPECTFUL, UNDERSTANDING, FRIENDLY.

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Presentation to School Charity - Diabetic Pumps for Kids
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The charity chosen by the children for this academic year was Diabetic Pumps for Kids. On Friday we presented a cheque to Ruby, one of our students who uses a pump. for over £600. The house captains are pictured with Ruby as they organised the events that raised the money. Well done everyone!

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