Andreas School

The learning community that develops the thinking skills of all its members.


At Andreas we value

  • Caring - We consider other people's feelings and say kind things to other.
  • Optimism - We try new things, even when they are tricky.
  • Respect - We treat people and property with care.
  • Friendliness - We have good manners and smile at others!
  • Understanding - We listen to others and respect their point of view.

Latest activity

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Today we had so much fun testing our Lego bridges. We asked the question: How can you build a strong/stable bridge out of Lego? In teams, we designed and built our bridges - this has taken 2 weeks but has been worth it! The bridges were amazing and so creative. We measured the bridges and tested ho…

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Glen Elfin Class in the Computer Bus
Published in the Blog

This week Glen Elfin Class have been in the Computer Bus building up their ICT skills. Mr Townsend was impressed with their efforts and attitude towards their learning. Check out our Gallery for more photos and keep an eye out in the hall after half term for our finished products!

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