Andreas School

The learning community that develops the thinking skills of all its members.

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We are really good at teaching children to become smart learners and thinkers! Although academic success is obviously important, we believe the capacity to solve problems: work in a team: use your initiative: have drive and creativity: be resilient and adaptable and learn from mistakes are equally important. Our Learn Without Limits approach and Thinking Moves actively teach children to develop these characteristics which set them up for success in later life. If you go to the Learning and Thinking at Andreas attachment in our correspondence section you'll see more information on how we achieve this.

Here's our staff team from September 2021


Trish Dudley


Jo Hawkins


Julie Phillips

Steph Cottier

Laura Brindley


Ann Booth

Tori Melling


Fenella Robinson


Jackie Faragher

Steven Bevan

Judith Hunt

Marsha McQueen


Bethany Counsel


Mandy Rutter


Alison Quayle

Diane Kelly

Donna Perkins

Sharon Jauncey

Cath Convery

More in the section Our School:

General Information

This section includes information on enrolment, attendance, school data, uniform and school routines. To get a flavour of life at Andreas school, follow and like us on Facebook: or Instagram at AndreasPrimarySchool ENROLMENT & ADMISSION The first step…

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Data Protection As a member of a school community it is necessary to process your information but this will only be done in accordance with the Data Protection Principles. The information you provide, and that obtained from other relevant sources, such as registers, letters you send in, forms etc,…

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LEARN WITHOUT LIMITS (LWL) Our LWL curriculum focuses on teaching children how to learn. We are proactive when developing the growth mindset needed to be a successful learner. Daily learning talks and Star Assemblies are part of this process as children are taught to: STICK WITH IT - Our growth min…

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Home/School Liaison

Home/School Liaison We welcome, encourage and actively seek to promote positive home/school relations. If you have a concern, a question about school procedures or if there is a matter which may have a bearing upon your child or the school as a whole, we would be pleased if you would speak to a mem…

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Validation Report 2019

Andreas School Andreas School recently took part in an external validation of its school self-review and evaluation (SSRE) process which involved a validation team confirming the judgments the school made about itself across certain areas. Three aspects were looked at in detail in regards to: Achie…

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