Andreas School

The learning community that develops the thinking skills of all its members.

Andreas School Vision Statement

At Andreas School we provide engaging and inspirational learning experiences that tap into children’s interests. We provide a wide variety of learning opportunities that challenge our children as they grow physically, emotionally and intellectually, becoming independent, life-long learners.

Our school is happy, welcoming and attractive, with both the indoor and outdoor environment being aesthetically appealing and supporting children’s learning. We use high quality resources that support our inclusive curriculum. Displays value children’s achievements, as well as providing time and space for reflection and thinking. Areas and activities encourage pupils to take and manage risks, with the outdoor environment used regularly. We recognise the health and well being benefits of learning outside and know that it encourages creative thinking and problem solving.

Positive relationships are integral to supporting learning. Therefore, staff value both formal and informal communication with parents, regularly being available both before and after school, as well as for events such as parents’ evenings. We seek opportunities to work in partnership with our parents, governors and the local community, drawing on their strengths and interests to support learning. We invite regular feedback from community members and use the information gained to help the school make further improvements.

We are a school that values and practices good communication and conversation and we all take responsibility for our own improvement. Therefore, adults and children receive high quality feedback and are challenged to improve by reflecting on both processes and outcomes. Staff know children well and use focused observation to identify strengths and weaknesses. Once identified these are acted upon, with time and support being given to help growth and development. We use our core values to model good attitudes and achievements. We recognise the successes of all members.

Our staff team work together and model the relationships, conversations and interactions expected from all members of our friendly community. We continually strive to improve by sharing good practice with each other and with colleagues from other schools. We share honest opinions and are empathic to others.

Andreas School is a learning community that develops the thinking skills of all its members.