Andreas School

The learning community that develops the thinking skills of all its members.

Andreas School Vision Statement

At Andreas School we provide engaging and inspirational learning experiences that tap into children’s interests. Staff and pupils have a shared vocabulary for problem solving and we provide a wide variety of opportunities for independent learning. We create specific learning zones around school, including the outdoor environment, and use them to set challenges to develop thinking skills. We are a community that values and practices good communication and conversation and we all take responsibility for our own improvement. Our children are independent, life-long learners who are challenged as they grow physically, emotionally and intellectually. We have high expectations and always “reach for the stars.”

Our school is happy, welcoming and attractive, with both the indoor and outdoor environment being aesthetically appealing. We have, use and look after high quality resources and use a range of storage solutions to ensure all learning areas are organized. Parents, governors and members of the community are welcomed into school and are frequently invited to join us for school events. Positive relationships are integral to supporting learning. Therefore, staff value both formal and informal communication with parents, regularly being available both before and after school as well as for events such as parents’ evenings. We hold regular face to face meetings with children, parents, governors and staff. We value and use information gained from these conversations to help the school make further improvements. Parents come into school to support learning and we draw on their strengths and interests as they contribute to, and often lead, topic teaching sessions.

Adults and children receive high quality feedback and are challenged to improve by using established AfL practices and target setting. We are honest in our judgements and communications and our staff moderate together to ensure our assessments are sound. Children have individual learning plans with specific objectives to help them progress in every aspect of their learning. Staff know children well; we use focused observation and gather a range of independent work to identify strengths and weaknesses. Once identified these are acted upon, with time and support being given to help growth and development. We model and value good attitudes and achievements and recognise successes of all community members. We offer opportunities for children to work with like-minded peers in a variety of learning situations.

Our strong staff team work together and model the relationships, conversations and interactions expected from all members of our friendly community. We trust our colleagues and identify each others’ strengths and weaknesses empathetically, allocating time to provide support and offering encouragement. We enjoy spending time together, both in and outside school. We continually strive to improve by sharing good practice with each other and with colleagues from other schools. We share honest opinions and have empathy for each other, our children and our community.

Andreas School is a learning community that develops the thinking skills of all its members.