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Home/School Liaison

We welcome, encourage and actively seek to promote positive home/school relations.

If you have a concern, a question about school procedures or if there is a matter which may have a bearing upon your child or the school as a whole, we would be pleased if you would speak to a member of staff ‘sooner rather than later’. Teachers are available each morning when the children are collected from the playground, or alternatively, at the end of the day. These times are ideal for a quick word. Alternatively, you can telephone the school office to arrange an appointment for a longer discussion at a mutually convenient time. Discussions over the telephone can also be arranged if work commitments make it impossible to attend a ‘face-to-face’ talk.

If there is ever a significant school issue with which you are unhappy, we would always encourage you to come in to school to talk to the Headteacher. If you are still worried, you can contact the Department of Education and Children for further advice. We hope you never have to use it, but there is a link to the DEC complaints procedure on the school wiki.

At the beginning of each half term, an information sheet is sent home giving an overview of the areas of study in the ensuing half term.

Individual ‘Next Steps’ in learning are also sent home every half term in order that you are aware of specific learning steps of your child.

Newsletters can be sent electronically, but are also sent home in hard copy form regularly to those who indicate that they would prefer this method of communication. They inform parents of news and events, and provide general reminders about various matters. The newsletter is also loaded onto the school wiki.

We also have a “Twitter” facility. For this it is necessary to register. Forms are available from the school office.

Class assemblies occur twice a year to enable you to come into school and watch your child/children present a school assembly.

Once a year parents are invited to join their children for a school lunch and we offer opportunities to ‘stay and play.’

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