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Essentials For Learning (E4L) Curriculum and the 6 Rs

We feel it is incredibly important to equip our children with ‘skills for life’ rather than just factual knowledge. The knowledge, skills and attitudes that pupils will need in the twenty-first century are not the same as they were in the past, so school experiences need to evolve to reflect this.

The Department of Education and Children has reviewed its Curriculum for Learning and Achievement and further developed it so that schools continue to be supported in providing a world-class education for children and young people on the Isle of Man. The curriculum is not prescriptive; rather it attempts to provide broad parameters in which schools can develop flexible, exciting and memorable learning experiences which support the development of a broad range of academic, social and personal skills.

Central to the design of the curriculum at Andreas School are the 6R’s.

  • Readiness
  • Relationships
  • Resourcefulness
  • Resilience
  • Remembering Skills
  • Reflectiveness

These are dispositions which pupils need to develop in order to learn better. As a school we are developing the 6Rs so that we have:

  • an explicit commitment, at all levels of the organisation, to the development of personal capabilities, alongside academic achievement
  • a clear articulation of what learning means for all stakeholders
  • an agreed definition of intelligence, not as a fixed entity, but as capable of expansion
  • provision which routinely supports the development of the 6Rs
  • regular opportunities for pupils to exercise control over their own learning
  • a common “vocabulary” used to discuss learning, prevalent throughout the setting
  • opportunities for reflection and the evaluation of personal qualities.

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